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History - Walker Recovery Center and Marion County Treatment Center
Walker Recovery Center began operations in Jasper, Alabama in the early 1990's. N.T. Camp MD and Ms. Pat Waldrop, RN have over 37 combined years of experience treating addiction.
In the late 1980's Dr. Camp and Ms. Waldrop were doing an intensive outpatient program which met four nights a week. By 1992 it had grown substantially with individuals who were on methadone, either in treatment at a clinic in Birmingham, or they were purchasing it off the street.
These people lived in Walker County and wanted to receive treatment locally instead of driving over one hundred miles round trip to Birmingham. It was at that point Pat and Dr. Camp began the application process for an opiate replacement treatment program in Jasper.
Dr. Camp and Pat share a philosophy rooted in the belief that addiction is a complex disease affecting the physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of a person and therefore it requires a multi-faceted treatment approach.
Methadone is a valuable part of the over-all treatment for opiate dependence, but it is just part of the treatment process. Methadone is necessary to treat the physical and mental cravings associated with opiate withdrawal. Once the physical part of addiction is addressed treatment focuses on the other dimensions. (Walker Recovery will begin adding Suboxone in the near future as an option for those who may not want to use methadone.)
The staff consists of physicians, pharmacists, counselors, social workers and nurses all with special training in opiate addiction. Even the clerical staff has received special training in opiate addiction and opiate replacement treatment. "Our goal is to provide the best possible environment for our clients to receive the treatment needed to enable them to achieve a healthy and adaptive lifestyle," says Pat.
Dr. Camp expanded operations into neighboring Marion County Treatment Center a few years ago to offer opiate addiction treatment for those individuals in Northwest Alabama.