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Suboxone Program- Overview
An ideal candidate for opioid addiction treatment with Suboxone is someone who has been objectively diagnosed with opioid addiction, is willing to follow safety precautions for treatment, can be expected to comply with the treatment process, have no contraindications to buprenorphine therapy and who agree to buprenorphine treatment after a review of treatment options. Our organization strives to provide all viable alternatives for the treatment of opiate addiction and has identified a need for this treatment option for those citizens in our immediate community. Furthermore, we want another option to transition existing patients at our OTPs from dependence on a clinic to a more normal pharmacy-based medication protocol where a person obtains a prescription for medication, visits physician for monitoring and engages in counseling with trained substance abuse professionals.
The intervention approach is designed around the three phases of buprenorphine medication maintenance protocols – induction, stabilization, and maintenance. In addition, we have integrated enhanced psychodynamic services during the initial phases to better address the urgency of addressing the overall environment of the patient. Patients will be medicated from onsite inventory during the induction/stabilization period. Once the maintenance phase is obtained (normally three weeks from admission) the physician will write a prescription for Suboxone (buprenorphine with naloxone) and the patient will be responsible for filling this prescription at their pharmacy of choice.
We see this additional service as a chance to incorporate the best elements of a CSAT & CARF accredited opiate treatment program (OTP) with intensive psychodynamic intervention and a hybrid office based style portability to maximize opportunities for persons to overcome addiction to opiate class drugs. To begin treatment process at Walker Recovery Center in Jasper, AL please contact the main office at 205-221-1799 for a pre-screening or Marion County Treatment Center in Hamilton, AL please contact the main office at 205-921-3799 for a pre-screening. If you appear eligible for treatment you will be given an appointment for a screening that will take approximately two hours at the respective program site.
Screening onsite will consist of a clinical assessment, nurse evaluation, toxicology screen, brief counseling and assorted administrative documentation. Once the screening is completed you will then be evaluated for appropriateness of treatment and an intake appointment made where the physician will evaluate the client for admission to the Suboxone Program. Medication begins at admission and as discussed above will be onsite for at least the first seven days. You should plan on being at the program site for three to four hours during the first four days of treatment. Once the induction/stabilization phase is completed you will be required to visit the program site once a week for the first four weeks then once every two weeks for the next four weeks. You will then be required to visit once per month for evaluation by medical staff, provision of toxicology screen, individual sessions with counselor and other services as needed or requested.