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Getting Started
Your journey of recovery starts with a phone call to Walker Recovery Center or Marion County Treatment Center (205-921-3799 or by stopping by the facility to make an appointment. All meetings, interviews, and other communication between treatment professionals and the patients are strictly confidential so you can get all the facts to see if Methadone Treatment is right for you.
The First Step
The initial visit is a screening so that specialists can determine if the client is a candidate for treatment.
The next step is to schedule an appointment with the medical director.
Once the patient is admitted, the staff performs a triage to get the patient's Drug History, PsycoSocial and family histories, the legal history and the resulting output of this session will be a comprehensive assessment of the patient's life.

The Next Step
The patient is then assigned a counselor that will help them navigate the treatment process.
The counselor will provide:
- individual one-on-one sessions
- Family counseling
- recommendations for additional counseling if necessary. These could be in the form of referrals to other healthcare professionals, legal assistance or other resources.

Walker Recovery Center and Marion County Treatment Centers work to meet the patient's Emotional, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual needs. "Our facilites are a safe place to fall after life has beaten them down."